Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten Things I'm Looking to in 2012

Top Ten Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2012 10. I won’t make the same mistakes as last year. I’ll be creative and make some new mistakes. 9. I will surround myself with only positive people. So if you’re a negative, critical grump, don’t bother to come around. Life’s too short to waste being negative. 8. I will spend less and enjoy my purchases more, especially knowing that I saved money. 7. I will be content with who I am. I don’t need a special someone in my life to feel complete. I may live alone, but I don’t need to feel lonely. 6. When I’m feeling down, I’ll find someone who needs help and do something for them. 5. I’ll keep the house “picked up” so it won’t take an entire weekend to clean. Plus, it’ll be presentable for unexpected company. So come on over! 4. Just because I can’t do everything doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do what I can. I’d love to write a best-seller, but I’ll market the book(s) I have. 3. I’ll smile at strangers as least once a day. Of course, I’ll have to get out of my house to do that, so I won’t become a hermit. 2. I’ll find “me” time, when I do something just for fun. 1. I will look for the best in everyone, including myself. We all have good qualities, so that’s what I’ll focus on.

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