Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 lessons learned

Good afternoon, all!
A lot has happened in my life, but not much has changed. I guess that's the way life usually is, thank goodness!

Three events and two lessons learned:
First event - my son Tim graduated from California College San Diego with a BS in Computer Science. He's always been good with computers and electronics, so we hope this will lead to a successful career in what he loves. Mom and I had an enjoyable weekend in Southern California while Denver received yet another hail storm.

Second, I helped out at a birthday party at Royal Family Kids' Camp. This camp is for kids in foster care to have a week to just be a kid and not worry about being abused, left alone, or acting grown up. They get "loved on" by volunteers and get to have more fun than I've ever had! (For more info, go to

I've never felt such positive energy under one roof as I did at that birthday party. Imagine 83 kids ages 7 to 12, some of whom have never had a birthday party, all celebrating and receiving gifts. It was electric! And all the boys put together their little Styrofoam airplanes and flew them around the room for half an hour. What fun!

Third, I ate out alone again today at the Brighton Depot Restaurant. I know, I was cheating going to the same restaurant, but at least I did it-alone! This time it was a fundraiser for CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocates) where my stepdaughter Lisa volunteers. She works with three brothers to be sure their best interests are considered by the courts. (For more info on CASA, go to

And the two lessons learned:
1. My Guideposts magazine fits perfectly in my purse for reading in a restaurant.

2. I'm not ready to ask someone to join me yet. We've all seen movies where a single woman in a restaurant sees a handsome man walk in and invites him to join her. Well, the first part of that happened: a handsome man with graying hair walked in, looking for a table. He glanced at me several times and then took the table next to mine. I thought this was the moment, until he told the waitress he was waiting for someone. I'm SOOOO glad I didn't invite him!

Quote of the day is from the "Touched By An Angel" day-at-a-time calendar: "Truth penetrates your heart, in a way that mere words cannot." I hope that what I write is more than just words. I share the truth as openly as I can, trusting that it will help others.

Well, that's all for now. I'm back to working on my personal memoir of Bryan's cancer journey and my life since then. Many people have said they want to know how I did it, so I need to do this-for them as well as for me. It's very emotional, so if you think of me, whisper a prayer that I can get through this.

Love to all and God bless-

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another step in my "New Normal" life

Well, I took another major step in my “new normal” life. I went to a restaurant by myself—not the fast-food kind, the kind where you stand at the counter, place your order, carry it to your table, and eat without being seen. This was the kind where you actually get seated and they hand you a menu and a waitress comes to take your order.

The Brighton Depot Restaurant was hosting a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for lunch. I figure if I’m driving cross-country this summer, I may find myself at a restaurant, and I better get used to it. Life keeps going forward, and I better hop on the moving sidewalk or be left behind!

It wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be. I wish I’d done like in the movies and taken a book with me. But about the time I thought to dig in my purse to see what I had to read, the food was there. It was really fast. So it wasn’t … it wasn’t too terrible.

Remember the hail storms we had last week? Well, it turns out that my roof needs to be replaced, in addition to my cars being “dimpled”. I have appointments for all three to be assessed, repaired, and covered by insurance. Thank God for insurance! All I’ll owe is three deductibles. Guess I better start selling some books!

In one of the devotions in Covenant Home Altar, Garth Bolinder wrote, “In the midst of the temptations, turmoil, and trails of life it helps to know that God the creator is also God our sustainer.” That’s what He’s been for me, especially in the last couple of years—my sustainer through all the turmoil and trials. I can’t imagine handling all this alone. And thanks to all of you for walking it with me.

Make it a great day!