Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I want more! (devotion)

Well, I am officially published on the web on other than my own blogs. YAY! Go to http://christiandevotions.us/tag/debbiehardy/ to see my devotion for today.

My book, "Stepping Through Cancer: A Guide for the Journey", is at the printer now and should be available within three (3!) weeks. I never dreamed it could happen, but it's coming together now.

Debbie Hardy

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's letter, 2010

Happy 2011!
It’s the start of a new year, new resolutions, and new beginnings. I learned long ago that we choose how we live each day, what attitude we have, and how we react to things that life throws at us. After all, life’s not the way it’s supposed to be. It is the way it is. How we react to it makes the difference.

For me, 2010 was a year of ups and downs.
Among my “UPs” are:
• Completed my first book, Stepping Through Cancer: A Guide for the Journey, slated for release February 11.
• Designed an accompanying handbook for cancer caregivers to keep track of all the paperwork.
• Signed contracts with HigherLife to publish both.
• Drove cross-country from Denver to the Greater Philly Christian Writers’ Conference in August. Since I’ll be travelling to talk about and sell my book, I needed to convince myself (and others) that I can do it.

These “DOWNs” had silver linings, so they weren’t so terrible:
• Hail damage to both the Stratus and the Magnum, not to mention the house and roof. But it allowed me to replace the Stratus with the car I really wanted, a PT Cruiser!
• Close encounter between the Magnum and a pole in Walgreen’s parking lot. Caused almost at much damage as the hail. But SVE, the body shop, did an excellent job and gave me a bottle of touch-up paint. Cool!
• Both my laptop and desktop computers are reaching the end of their lives at the same time, but they’ve lived eight years. That’s the main reason I haven’t sent an update lately. The modem died, too. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear all my electronics are conspiring to drive me crazy!

Came across a quote that I’d like to share—my hope for you in the coming year:
From the late Dr. Lew Smedes of Fuller Theological Seminary, I wish for you “joys deeper than any sadness, gratitude happier than any regrets, hopes brighter than the shadows of any discouragement, and the vitality to make of every day what God on Christmas Day made for all days.”

Have a very Happy New Year!
I’ll let you know when my books are out.
Love to all-